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Jeff Talley - Musician


I wrote and recorded everything you hear on this site (with the exception of my 1st band ever tHe dRy hE@VeS) on through my various indiscretions, sordid ordeals and iso musings of today- this is the soundtrack to my life:

Punk, Oi!, Street Rock, Power Pop, Glam, Metal, Sk8, fastcore, cXo thrash- I don’t discriminate!

And it’s all real. That is to say- no dodgy click tracks, drum machines or pre-programmed nonsense just true grit, old fashioned live tracks recorded entirely by Yours Crüely.

Got a merch query? Want free stickers?? Wanna collab? Need a session guy to track on your song(s)? Is the tour booked but one of your boys has flaked on ya? Heck, wanna find out what mischief i’m currently getting up to? Hit me up via the contact page or there’s always the links below. Holla!

Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Facecrook, Shitter, yadda yadda…

Cheers, Beers and Long Live Rock and Roll!

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